Upper Valley Adaptation Workgroup


Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Climate Change Team – Web site for information on climate change and what it means for Vermont and Vermonters. Includes a catalog of ongoing climate-change initiatives, reports on the state's greenhouse gas emissions, some background on the climate change issue, a discussion of the adaptation issues including a series of white papers addressing adaptation in eight sectors; a library of state plans and reports, a list of actions individuals can take to make a difference, and a link to a quarterly newsletter.

Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan 2011 - The Comprehensive Energy Plan (CEP) addresses Vermont's energy future for electricity, thermal energy, transportation, and land use, and sets the goal of 90% of the state's energy from renewable sources by 2050.

VTrans Climate Change Adaptation White Paper 2012 – This report is an overview of climate related adaptation and resilience oriented efforts both underway and under consideration by the Vermont Agency of Transportation.

Vermont Department of Heath Environmental Public Health Tracking: Climate Change – As part of its Environmental Health Tracking Program, the department has recently begun tracking the incidences of heat stress and heat-related fatalities. While Vermont has not yet experienced the number of prolonged extreme heat events that many other states have, heat stress is expected to become a more significant risk in the lives of Vermont residents.

In addition, as pathogen-bearing ticks have become more prevalent in the state (and region), the department has also launched a crowd-sourced tick tracking database.http://healthvermont.gov/ticktracker/

The Resilient Vermont Project – A project led by the Institute for Sustainable Communities that is developing statewide recommendations to build climate resiliency into Vermont communities, state and environment.